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Brain Talk is a curriculum designed to build metacognitive awareness by teaching students (and adults) about their brains, and how to use critical thinking to respond mindfully rather than react impulsively. Supported by research showing that metacognition, or thinking about our thinking plays a critical role in successful decision making and learning, the Brain Talk curriculum was developed as a tool to teach students how to be more aware of the connections between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they relate to decision making. Brain Talk was designed to be easily incorporated into classrooms, therapy/counseling sessions, social groups, and other learning opportunities, and consists of whiteboard-animated videos with accompanying lesson plans and teaching materials. An annual subscription to Brain Talk provides access to all units and curriculum materials, plus additional resources as they are added throughout the year.



Brain Talk is a superb new online tool that presents the essence of applied executive function in the most powerful, economic way I've ever seen. I'm in; it's the tool I've been wishing for!
-Carolyn Edwards, M.Ed., Educational Therapist & Director of Turning Point Educational Services

Brain Talk’s video clips are fun for kids and easy for parents, therapists and teachers to pick up and use. As a therapist who supports students with social regulation challenges I am grateful for this innovative, practical and powerful curriculum!
-Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC-SLP, Director of Communication Works

Brain Talk turns something that is so complex into something coherent, and it should be a fundamental resource that everyone considers when teaching emotional-regulation, executive functioning, and mindfulness.
-Sahra G., A.S, SLPA

Wow! I love this program! The vocabulary "doer" is such an important word in our class; I have used it so many times since the introduction to remind my students that they need to be in charge of their actions and think before doing.
-Amanda M., 3rd Grade Teacher at St. Madeleine Sophie, Bellevue, WA

I started using Brain Talk with my fifth graders; not only do they love it, but I love teaching it! As we met for our most recent lesson I heard students saying, "Boy did I have a Myg Moment this weekend!" The students are so excited and engaged!
-Gaila S., Youth Development Director at The Madeleine, Portland, OR

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